Hello.  I am having problems getting slint to parse
certain files without reporting an error.

For example, I run:

        splint -weak +gnuextensions -I. systrace/filter.c

This "works" OK, but of course it gives me warnings like:

systrace/filter.c:354:7: Unrecognized identifier: strsep
systrace/filter.c:505:5: Unrecognized identifier: snprintf

Well, clearly I want to take advantage of slint's POSIX
checks, so I try it this way:

        splint -weak +gnuextensions +posixlib -I. systrace/filter.c

But now it won't even parse the source file.  I get:

cvs/src/bin/systrace/intercept.h:52:43: Parse Error:
    Inconsistent function parameter syntax: u_char :

The offending line in the header is a function pointer
prototype (member of a struct):

        int (*io)(int, pid_t, int, void *, u_char *, size_t);

OK, I remember u_char is a UNIXism.  So let me try the
UNIX extensions instead of the POSIX extensions:

        splint -weak +gnuextensions +posixlib -I. systrace/filter.c

But now I get a different error:

cvs/src/bin/systrace/intercept.h:54:37: Parse Error:
    Inconsistent function parameter syntax: u_int32_t :

The offendeng line in the header is:

        int (*answer)(int, pid_t, u_int32_t, short, int, short,
            struct elevate *);

I can't seem to win here!  I know POSIX does not define u_char,
so I'm prepared to use UNIX.  But UNIX *does* define u_int32_t,
does it not?

On my machine (OpenBSD.i386), these things are defined in sys/types.h
(for UNIXisms) and machine/types.h (for POSIX).  The relevant sections
are included below:

------------------------------ from sys/types.h ------------------
#ifndef _SYS_TYPES_H_
#define _SYS_TYPES_H_

/* Machine type dependent parameters. */
#include <machine/types.h>

#include <machine/ansi.h>
#include <machine/endian.h>

#if !defined(_POSIX_SOURCE) && !defined(_XOPEN_SOURCE)
typedef unsigned char   u_char;
typedef unsigned short  u_short;
typedef unsigned int    u_int;
typedef unsigned long   u_long;

typedef unsigned char   unchar;         /* Sys V compatibility */
typedef unsigned short  ushort;         /* Sys V compatibility */
typedef unsigned int    uint;           /* Sys V compatibility */
typedef unsigned long   ulong;          /* Sys V compatibility */

-------------------------- from machine/types.h -------------------
typedef __signed char              int8_t;
typedef unsigned char            u_int8_t;
typedef unsigned char             uint8_t;
typedef short                     int16_t;
typedef unsigned short          u_int16_t;
typedef unsigned short           uint16_t;
typedef int                       int32_t;
typedef unsigned int            u_int32_t;
typedef unsigned int             uint32_t;

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