I am quite new to splint and am undecided about the meaning of the
following message:

housekeeping/vbtms.c:340:2: Path with no return in function declared to return
  There is a path through a function declared to return a value on which there
  is no return statement. This means the execution may fall through without
  returning a meaningful result to the caller. (Use -noret to inhibit warning)

The code in question is generated by program and I can see nothing
wrong with it. Hence the following questions.

1. When it says, `There *is* a path' am I to assume that splint's
understanding of the code is correct and there is one - even though I
cannot find it?

2. Alternatively, am I to interpret the final `Use -noret to inhibit
warning' to mean that splint sometimes gets it wrong, that there is no
error and that the only way to eliminate the message is via -noret?

I would be grateful for any assistance that anyone can give. I could
send the code but it's about 180 lines long and I can probably read as
well as the next man. Still, ask for it if you think it would help.


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