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> ----------------------------
> housekeeping/vbtms.c:340:2: Path with no return in function declared to return
>                                int
>   There is a path through a function declared to return a value on which there
>   is no return statement. This means the execution may fall through without
>   returning a meaningful result to the caller. (Use -noret to inhibit warning)
> ----------------------------
> The code in question is generated by program and I can see nothing
> wrong with it. Hence the following questions.
> 1. When it says, `There *is* a path' am I to assume that splint's
> understanding of the code is correct and there is one - even though I
> cannot find it?

gcc is capable of performing this same check, so if you can build with
gcc, compile with the -Wall flag, and it should produce a "control reaches
end of non-void function" warning in verification of the splint warning.

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