I have contacted Mr. Lindbloom, who kindly has provided to me
a profile with the tags swapped. I'm sending it to you, Andrew,
in a separate mail, since the size of the packed profile is about 1.3 Mb

In anybody is also interested,  please let me know, so I would either
send it or upload to lcms site.

Many thanks to Bruce Lindbloom for his great support!

Marti Maria.

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Subject: Re: [Lcms-user] Using Lindbloom's UP Lab color space

On Mon, 25 Apr 2005, Marti wrote:

Unfortunately this is the reverse way to do things, and thus the profile
is unuseable. Not only on lcms, but on any CMM. Problem is,
used in this way UPLab would be understood as the PCS by the
CMM, and ICC only supports XYZ and CIELab as PCS.

I found that the UPLab profile returns the same icColorSpaceSignature for both cmsGetPCS and cmsGetColorSpace: icSigLabData. So I was thinking that if I started with Lab data, and used UPLab as the input color space, and regular Lab as the output space, the CMM would choose the UPLab AtoB transform for the input, and then thinking the PCS was Lab, choose the identity transform for the output half of the transform.

But anyway, thanks for the CIECAM02 reference. I'd rather have a built-in
model than add a 1.5MB profile to my software distribution. Also the
transform function will merge better with my software architecture. I'm
using VIGRA and I just want a functor that works on a pixel.


Andrew Mihal

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