Hi Dieter,

Symas was recently asked to perform an evaluation of AD/ADAM vs OpenLDAP. It's current, covers more than just performance, and you can decide for yourself if it's false. In fact, we invite you or anyone else who is interested to cross-check our findings. The report is here:





Matthew Hardin
Symas Corporation - The LDAP Guys

Dieter Kluenter wrote:
"Swapnil Sodegaonkar" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Is there any comparison available for the available prime LDAP based
directory service products (for example, openLDAP, ADAM, NDS, SunOne DS,
Apache DS etc).
The comparison based on Ease of user account management, Security,
performance on Windows platform, Price if not opensource, and industry

No, unfortunately not, AFAIK, but this URL might be a start on getting
more information of directory servers:



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