"Ritchie Young" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hi all,
> I've been working on a generalized solution for provisioning and
> synchronization of databases and LDAP directories. It could be thought of
> either as a meta-directory system (similar to Novell Identity Manager or MIIS)
> or as a framework for writing synchronization scripts.
> The design goals are:
>  - to separate the mechanics of connecting to a data source from the rules
> processing the data from that data store
>  - to be able to synchronize on an event-driven basis (where the underlying
> database and connector support it)
>  - to enable any capable database or directory to act as the central identity
> vault
>  - to make the hard things easy and the easy things trivial
> As it stands, it's useful for:
>  - Provisioning LDAP directories from text files or databases (eg from HR or
> student enrolment systems)
>  - Maintaining a centralized identity vault and provisioning other systems
> from it
>  - Keeping your synchronizations structured and easy to maintain
> There's a basic tutorial at http://rubysync.org/articles/2007/11/13/
> rubysync-example-1-csv-import/
> I've found it useful for my requirements, I'd be very interested to know it
> it's of general use to the community (may inspire me to work harder on it :>).

This is a great idea, AFAIK there are only some commercial tcl and
perl scripts around yet, and a few java based meta directories.


Dieter Klünter | Systemberatung

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