We have been successfully using the krbdirp-1.4-duke plugin here at Iowa
State for the last several years with several versions of Sun Directory

I am trying to upgrade our servers to SunONE DS 6.2 and am trying to get the
krbdirp-1.4-duke to work with it.  The piece I am trying to solve is getting
the new web console server to work when the plugin is in place.  Apparently
Sun is using the passthru-plugin to allow
"cn=admin,cn=administrators,cn=dscc" the admin for the console server to

Normally I can go into the dse.ldif and add a couple of attributes to turn
ssl and krb5plug auth off for admins, but in this case haven't figured out
how to do that yet.

Anyone accomplished this with version 6 SunONE DS?  Anyone still using
krbdirp or is there something better?  Did Sun ever agree to take this plugin


Kent Ziebell
Iowa State University

Kent A. Ziebell                              [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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Iowa State University ITS                    voice: (515) 294-9607
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