Hello everybody,

I'm wondering if it is possible for a user to have multiple password stored
in ldap.

For instance, I store accounts for my users in ldap and  want
them to access
 - unix servers using ssh
 - svn repositories (using apache/webdav)

For unix servers and ssh, no problem, one could bind ldap with pam and this
use case is well documented.

Apache (and thus svn) also can be bound to pam. However, many svn client
store user password in clear in some text file, which a serious security
risk for my unix server. Thus I would prefer to have a separate password for

Is it possible in a standard way ? (How) can I store an additional in my
ldap schema ?

Is such use case documented somewhere ?

Thanks a lot for any help,

Sebastien Barthelemy.

PS: I'm a beginner here, all I know about ldap is the book LDAP system
administration, so please excuse me if my question is naive, and don't
hesitate to redirect me to the good documentation.

Sébastien Barthélemy

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