Howard Chu wrote:

From: Dustin Puryear<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
We work with commercial IAM solutions (e.g., Sun, CA) all the time with
our clients, but for small installations it would be VERY nice to have a
viable open source alternative.

That almost doesn't make sense to me. IAM has tended to mean big cumbersome shelfware sold to large enterprises. In small installations the problem really isn't big enough, and sysadmins aren't desparate enough yet. It might be nice, but usually in a small installation you can just attack the problem directly by consolidating accounts, so you don't need a management system to track multiple accounts per user.

I'm very sceptical regrarding such products. I think they all fall short in some regard and the same issues like with meta-directory products arise: Even in large enterprises IAM systems do not really fit the business processes. Yeah, management likes to buy off-the-shelf products. But still a big customizing effort leading to a project budget nearly as high as a self-implemented solution is reality. And even worse although the customizing is indeed programming but it's most times not managed like software development because implementors have the attitude that it's still only configuration.

You can burn much money in these type of projects...

Ciao, Michael.

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