Hi list,

Just another quick question :)

Now I have back_sql working, I want to to binds to the specific users.
If I input the password in clear in my database, the bind authenticates
without any problems.

However, I would want to use a crypted password. For this, I have the
following code:

                         $user = "user_name"; 
                             $pw = "pass"; 
                     $salt = substr($user, 0, 2); 
               $encrypted_password = crypt($pw, $salt); 

It's a normal PHP crypt(), with the two first letters of the user name
being the salt.

In PHP I can do:

if (crypt($user_input, $encrypted_password) == $encrypted_password) {
   echo "Password verified!";

And the password gets verified. Is it possible to configure OpenLDAP to
authenticate this?


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