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> but i still have one quiestion, where i can found about object class
> so when i start to making ldif, i can use it as reference to make my
> ldif clean not have object class from another object class

Object classes are defined in various standardization documents. The
LDAPv3 standard object classes are defined in RFC 4519, posixAccount is
defined in RFC 2307. There are many other documents for various other
applications (like Samba etc.).

To examine the schema actually loaded on your server you should use a
decent schema browser. I'm using my web2ldap since IMHO the schema
browser is the most complete one. It shows all the forward and backward
cross references in the schema including inheritance and allows wildcard
searches for schema elements by their names. Being the author of
web2ldap I'm biased off course.

Ciao, Michael.

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