From: Jerry<>
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 17:02:54 -0400

I seriously doubt that this can be done; however, I thought I might as
well ask anyway.

Is it possible to set one attribute equal to another one.


Let say cn=Example Client

Is there anyway to make something like "displayName" equal to the "cn"
setting without having to physically enter the actual information? I
guess what I am looking for is a replaceable parameter.

You still haven't provided any of the relevant info that others have indicated would be needed to properly answer this question. But, in the absence of such info:

If you only want the client to see "displayName=Example Client" then you can simply remap one attribute to another. In OpenLDAP you would use the slapo-rwm(5) overlay. If you want other clients to still be able to see the original cn attribute, then you would configure a relay database (a virtual tree) and set up the rewriting there. Then, you point your clients that want to see "cn" at the original database, and point the clients that want to see "displayName" at the relay database.

If you want a client to see both cn and displayName, that's another story.

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