Thank you for the reply.

Is the problem related to webmin tool that I am using? My organization is
having 4 ldap servers located at 4 different locations with slurpd.conf file
configured in all the 4. So as soon as any new users/groups are created,it
is replicating in all the 4 locations however only the problem is I can't
able to add any users to any particular group. Ldap servers are configured
on Opensuse 10.3 and from past one and half years they didn't gave any such
problems however from past one week I am facing this major problem. there
are some 100 users in the server,created earlier. From past one week as soon
as new users are created they cant be added to the respective group.Also
many applications related to financial,hr,development etc are mapped to
particular group and without adding the users to respective group they cant
able to work.

Can you also tell me after creating a user using ldapadd command, how to add
the user to group?

Thank you again

On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 11:57 PM, Dustin Puryear <>wrote:

> I'm curious: How many users do you have?
> Adam is right that you can use PhpLdapAdmin for this. It works well for
> small user populations. I wouldn't use it for large user populations of
> course, but that goes without saying.
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> Hi
> I am very new to this ldap concept also feeling very much difficulty in
> administration. Right now I am facing a problem of adding the users
> created on LDAP server to particular group. I know that the entire LDAP
> database is located under /var/lib/ldap directory. Now my doubt is,
> generally in linux when we create a user,it will be recorded under
> /etc/passwd,/etc/group and /etc/shadow files and we can easily find the
> user details in these file.Is there any way to determine, in LDAP
> server,to which group the particular user belongs to? also how to
> manually
> access the ldap database?
> How to troubleshoot the problem of adding particular user to particular
> group.
> I am using Webmin tool for creating ldap users/groups. This problem is
> severely affecting my organizations work.
> Thank you so much

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