> Time and Fundamental Measurement Dissemination (-$6.3 million and
> -36 FTE) – NIST
> will continue to maintain the U.S. time standard, and continue to 
> advance the development of
> best in the world atomic clocks as part of its core foundational work
> in this area, and
> disseminate standard time through the internet. However, NIST will 
> discontinue the
> dissemination of the U.S. time and frequency via the NIST radio
> stations in Hawaii and
> Ft. Collins, CO. These radio stations transmit signals that are used
> to synchronize consumer
> electronic products like wall clocks, clock radios, and
> wristwatches, and may be used in other
> applications like appliances, cameras, and irrigation controllers.
> NIST will also scale back
> efforts to disseminate, and halt efforts to improve, and expand the 
> atomic spectra database that serves a wide range of users.

This sounds like the tactic used by schools when the voters threaten to
reduce their budget--they say they will eliminate their most popular
programs: football, other after-school sports, music, art and drama. 
That gets them the votes they need to prevent their budget from being
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