> As seen on my online bibliography web page, the proposal probably was
> a slightly evolved form of this document
> http://www.fcc.gov/ib/sand/irb/weritacrnc/archives/nc1893wp7a/1.doc

No one can know for sure but I was wondering if
there is a consensus on when the first leap hour
would occur? Even to an order of magnitude? I
ask because the above document draft says "at
least 500 years" while others here cite numbers
like 600 years, or 5000 years.

If one uses the rough but often-quoted figure of
"one leap second about every 500 days" then
a leap hour would be required on the order of
500 * 3600 / 365 = ~5000 years from now.

So it's safe to say we're talking millennia rather
than centuries, yes? I wonder where the notion
that it's just a few centuries away came from.


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