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>Poul-Henning Kamp said:
>>> [That is, if the equinox was actually on March 9th, would anyone outside
>>> the astronomical community notice?]
>> I doubt it.
>> I'm not so certain about the summer and winter solstice however.
>> here in the nordic countries were're quite emotionally attached to
>> those.
>Hmm, that's because you actually get midnight sun and midday night (or
>approximations like the White Nights).

That is probably how a foreigner would say it.  We would tend to say
it's because it's so bloddy dark all winter :-)

>But given that these dates move a day or two each year anyway because of
>leap year effects, you wouldn't notice the drift without being told.

More superstition is attached to those, so people might not take it
(as) lightly.

And talking about superstition...

The NeoPagans will demand that we rotate Stone Henge to match.

The UFOlogist will insist that we turn the Great Pyramid accordingly.

And just wait until the astrologers find out...


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