I can post to the leapsecs list, but like some other people, I haven't
gotten any mail from it for over a month.  FYI, here is an update from
the admin at USNO:

----- Forwarded message from David Johns <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> -----
> Sorry about the problems with the mailing list.  It's very old
> software and hardware and I can't figure out the current problem.
> Demetrios is currently talking to Tom Van Baak about taking over the
> list.  Hope things improve in the future.

I agree entirely with USNO that LISTPROC is very old software.
I wish I had a sense for how many people are no longer getting
the list.

I hope Demetrios and Tom come up with a good solution soon.  I'd
recommend Mailman, myself.  I think it is important that the list
archives are also ported.  If necessary, I can also help finding a
host for the list.

Neal McBurnett                 http://bcn.boulder.co.us/~neal/

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