Rob Seaman wrote:
I don't know whether to be more embarrassed for the company or for
the international standards process.  How many companies claim ISO
9000 conformance?  If they don't comprehend the requirements of
international standards pertaining to their products, how likely is
it that they comprehend their customers' requirements?

I am reminded of the Dilbert cartoon from way back when, in which the
pointy-haired boss is talking to a potential customer.

Customer: "Your product looks good, but you can't be our supplier unless
yoru company is ISO 9000 certified."

PHB: "So ... you don't care how bad our internal processes are, as long
as they're well-documented and used consistently."

Customer: "That's right."

PHB: "Our documented process says I must now laugh in your face and
double our price."

I think says everything you need to know about ISO 9000 in the real world.

David Harper

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