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it seems that one of two things must be true.  Either the fact that
the letter is dated December 5, 2005 indicates that they just now got
around to acting on the July, 2005 announcement of the upcoming leap
second - or, they acted upon this in a more timely fashion and
decided to embargo the announcement until the latest plausible moment
at which it would be possible for their lawyers to later argue timely
notification of their customers.

ACR is not alone, see Saab, who announced much earlier

I find particularly telling the statement, "It should be noted that users so far
have not reported this as a problem, not even in the busiest traffic areas."

also reported by Canada

And also, "The problem is easily resolved with the enclosed software upgrade."

(By the way, note how the previous statement is garbled in the Canadian report
by the inclusion of too many negatives.)

also reported by USCG

Google is your friend.

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