On Wed 2005-12-07T14:56:35 +0000, Markus Kuhn hath writ:
> As a general-purpose management standard, ISO 9001 obviously says
> nothing about how you have to handle leap seconds. ISO 9001 does not
> even specify any particular level of quality. All it does is tell you
> how you must document what level of quality you are producing and what
> you do to make sure it remains the same for all instances of the same
> product.

This became a long-running joke in the morris dance community.  A few
years back some English town councils decided to become ISO 9000
compliant.  That required them to ascertain that all of their
sub-contractors were also compliant.  This extended to morris sides
who were to be remunerated for dancing their traditional dances
outside pubs at town festivals.  Despite having done such for
uncounted decades, the morris side leaders suddenly had to fill out
forms describing their own quality control processes.

Most of those forms came back to the town council stained with beer
and chips.

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