On Sat, 31 Dec 2005, Rob Seaman wrote:

> Was watching time.gov and leapsecond.com (the comparative clocks).
> Counted up to 23:59:60 (well, 16:59:60 in Tucson).  The GPS-UTC
> incremented as did the TAI-UTC.  The TV didn't melt down either.  No
> obvious Airbuses plummeting from the sky.  Life be good.

Hi all,

Some minor glitches:

(a) My Garmin 12XL GPS receiver (software version 4.53) did not register
    the leap second on its time display. It went from 58 to 59 to 00, and
    stayed one second ahead for the next few minutes until I rebooted it.
    Then it came up correctly.

(b) Am I mistaken, or did WWV fail to correctly beep in the new year? We
    were listening to 15 MHz, and we did not hear the 1.5 kHz tone that
    signifies the beginning of an hour. (Actually, we heard no tone at all
    at the beginning of 0000 UTC.) The specification
    (http://www.boulder.nist.gov/timefreq/general/pdf/1383.pdf p. 44)
    seems to indicate there should have been a 1.5 kHz tone, as at the
    beginning of all hours.

    It's possible our excitement just caused us to miss it -- now I wish
    we had been recording. Oh well, I'm sure lots of people here were

Other than that, didn't see any major calamities.

Happy New Year,

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