On Sat, 31 Dec 2005, Rob Seaman wrote:
> Was watching time.gov and leapsecond.com (the comparative clocks).
> Counted up to 23:59:60 (well, 16:59:60 in Tucson).  The GPS-UTC
> incremented as did the TAI-UTC.  The TV didn't melt down either.  No
> obvious Airbuses plummeting from the sky.  Life be good.

I was on board a United Airlines Boeing 777 en route from Chicago to
London. We were at 30,000 feet somewhere over eastern Canada when
the leap second occurred.

The first officer gave us a countdown to midnight in London, and
I'm happy to report that the plane failed to fall out of the sky,
explode, or otherwise deviate from its course at 23:59:60.

David Harper

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