There is an interesting thread at

in which Bruce Penrod notes that some of their customers didn't
configuree their CDMA cell phone basestations right:

 We are pleased to announce that our GPS NTP servers and our CDMA NTP
 servers configured in user leap mode performed the leap properly this
 afternoon.  We are aware that some of the cellular basestations set
 the leap second a day early, and some PCS basestations have still not
 set it.  We regret that some customers apparently had not configured
 their NTP servers to operate in user leap second mode, and apologize
 for any problems this might have caused.

David L. Mills writes:

> There is an obvious remedy here.  If your unit implements Autokey,
> and it does implement just about everything else, it could run in
> TAI and deliver the UTC offsets in an extension field. I would be
> happy to collaborate on an RFC to that effect.

I also note this at

 Recently, the precision time kernel support now incorporated in the
 kernels for Tru64, Solaris, Linux and FreeBSD has been updated to
 improve accuracy and resolution to the nanosecond. In addition, a
 plan has been worked out with NIST for the distribution of
 International Atomic Time (TAI) via NTP using the Autokey protocol.

I'd love to see TAI over NTP, and am glad to see some motion in that
direction.  Anyone know more?


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