Rob Seaman said:
> John Cowan wrote:
>> In the cover story, it was used as a final
>> defense against the Invaders and destroyed by them.  In the true
>> story, it was destroyed because it constituted a hazard, but I
>> forget exactly how.
> Thanks!  But not sure "true" story is the opposite of "cover" story,
> here :-)
> Both versions of the book are sitting in a box somewhere in the
> garage.

I don't think John's referring to "Against the Fall of Night" versus "The
City and the Stars". Rather, at least in the latter, the official ("cover")
story of Diaspar (sp?) and the Invaders disagrees in many aspects with the
"true" story as revealed by Vandemar (sp?).

For example, the official story is that Diaspar was the centre of a human
interstellar empire, while the true story is that man was part of a
multi-species federation.

It's these two stories that differ in what happened to the moon.

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