Mostly for the US residents, but in the first case for some beyond
the national borders, I relay two links of interest.

In response to a document created by its Division of Dynamical
Astronomy the American Astronomical Society has formed a committee to
make recommendation to the ITU-R.
They solicit input before making their recommendation to the AAS council.
Input is requested prior to 2006-09-15.

In the middle of May some text about legal time in the US was
introduced into a US Senate bill regarding funding for NSF and NIST.
See section 508 of S.2802 introduced 2006-05-15, e.g.
(note that the final colon in the URL is relevant)
This bill is currently awaiting amendments as seen in

The language seeks to redefine the national time standard from GMT to UTC.
Language like this was introduced in 2002, but the bill was killed.

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