Rob Seaman said:
> We have all been so utterly wrong!  The scales drop
> from my eyes (
>> A theory of evolution for the creation of the solar system
>> seems less than satisfactory in regard that the Earth and
>> Moon appear to generate interrelated time cycles.
> A prize (well, a beer when next we meet) to the best
> explanation of what the heck this guy is on about...

He's another numerologist, finding patterns and coincidences in numbers
(something that will always appear if you keep looking) and trying to
claim they are significant.

For example, if you look at:
he finds great interest in the fact that 50 years is approximately
(50*7*7 + 7)/4 lunar months [1], tying this into biblical rules about a
7*7+1 economic cycle. Similarly, 49 lunar months are almost exactly 1447

>From these coincidences he assumes that the system must have been designed
and created. He then assumes that the slight differences are proof of a
golden past when the numbers were exact. Typical creationist reverse logic.

[1] Except it's not - he's about 4 lunar months out, which he fudges
through a triennial "leap week".

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