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>One could say that it was never possible for the BIH/IERS to guarantee
>that its leap second scheduling could meet the 0.7 s and then later
>0.9 s specification because they could not be held responsible for
>things that the earth might do.  As such the IERS could conceivably
>start unilaterally issuing full decade scheduling of leap seconds and
>claim that it *was* acting in strict conformance with ITU-R TF.460.

Considering that ITU has no power over IERS, IERS is only bound
by the letter of TF.460 as far as they have volutarily promised
to be, and consequently, they could just send a letter to ITU
and say "we'll do it this way from YYYYMMDD, if you disagree,
then figure something else out."

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