Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
If you have subtle point, I'd love to hear it.

Not even close to a subtle point, I simply cannot figure out what the
graph shows...

Me too.  Is this an analysis or a simulation?  What are the
assumptions?  What "predicted intervals" does he mean?

The bullet points above are very confusing as well.

What does "large discontinuities possible" mean?  Ignoring
any quibble about the use of the word "discontinuities",
does he mean more than one leap second at a particular event?
Why would anybody want to do that? - at least before we're
getting to daily leap seconds which is well off to the right
of his graph (50 000 years, or so, I think).

Why does the "One sec at predicted intervals" line suddenly
diverge in the early 2500's when the other lines seem to just
be expanding in a sensible way?


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