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The second technical problem is that the length of a second is
implicitly encoded in the carrier for many of the longwave time
distribution stations.  10MHz is at SI seconds.  For rubber seconds,
the broadcast would drift into adjacent bands reserved for other

At 1000ns, the carrier would drift by 10Hz. Surely the bandwidth is
big enough for that?

Also, GPS would have to remain in SI seconds.  The error in GPS time
translates directly to an error in position.  Approximately 1m/ns of
error (give of take a factor of 3).  Rubber seconds would require that
the rubber timescale be off by as much as .5s.  So GPS has to remain
in GPS time (UTC w/o leap seconds, basically).  That means that the
rubberness of the seconds would need to be broadcast in the

GPS is TAI. I'm not proposing abandoning TAI for those applications
that need it.

Ashley Yakeley

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