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            John Cowan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
: Warner Losh scripsit:
: > There's no provision for emergency leapseconds.  They just have to be
: > at the end of the month, and annoucned 8 weeks in advance.  IERS has
: > actually exceeded this mandate by announcing them ~24 weeks in advance
: > in recent history.
: So much the worse.  That means that if the Earth hiccups on March 7, the
: value of |DUT1| will not return to normal until May 31.

Yes.  But it would take a change in angular momementum would likely
mean that |DUT1| being a little too large would be the least of our

The earthquake that hit Indonesia last year changed the time of day by
microseconds.  What would cause a sudden jump of hundreds of
milliseconds hurts my brain to contemplate.


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