Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

there are only two classes of solutions.

Fix it or ignore it?

It's not a matter of clock precision or clock stability.  It's only
a matter of how they count.

That will be news to Dave Mills.

a state of denial with respect to a particular lump of rocks
ability as timekeeper

Quite right, too - except that we happen to live on this particular

I know people who will disagree with you:

        Air traffic control
        Train control

These are all environments in which developers are familiar with
formal requirements and project management.  Are we to suppose that a
floppy statement of "trust us, it will all be all right" is going to
be sufficient?  Eviscerating mean solar time is as likely to decrease
safety as improve it.  How about a coherent risk analysis?  One would
have thought that the lessons of Y2K would have settled in more deeply.


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