Dear Leap-seconders,

For the past seven years, this listserve has served as a forum for a
considerable amount of discussion on UTC, generating some heat but more
light.  I have enjoyed my mostly-silent role as listserve manager,
particularly as most of the real work was done by David Johns (and Ken
Senior before him).

Lately, various technical developments are making it increasingly difficult
for the U.S. Naval Observatory to maintain this listserve. We are fortunate
that Tom Van Baak has agreed to assume the responsibility of hosting it.

You should start submitting your emails to [EMAIL PROTECTED]  All
current subscribers are automatically being transferred to the new list so
the hosting change should be somewhat transparent.  Subscription
information, archives, and other list information is at:

We will verify that the new list is working and then on Friday we will close
down the old list at If you did not get this message, or
do not shortly receive the welcome message on the new list, please let Tom
and me know.  Tom's email is [EMAIL PROTECTED] and mine is

I will remain a member of this list, and look forward to following the
continued discussion.

Demetrios Matsakis

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