The router device that I'm currently working on has some goofy failover system where it has two roofs filesystems (UBI) on it's NAND flash.

A special partition has a "upgrade-in-progress" bit that gets set and I need to flip it back to 0x0 after a successful system bootup. If I don't, the bootcmd program in u-boot detects the bit, assumes an upgrade/installation failure, and fails back to the old/previous rootfs.

Currently, this only affects factory installations installed from the OEM web UI upgrade tool, but I might like to make sysupgraded installations use it. I am not sure yet if I want to bother supporting it.

Thus, this needs to happen only once after the system has been upgraded/installed by a factory installation, and optionally a sysupgrade installation.

So my questions are:

1.) Is there a way to determine if the current boot was from a factory install vs sysupgrade?

2.) Where is the appropriate place to do a run-once kind of thing? Like /etc/uci-defaults/ or sysupgrade's restore_config function. This would be an S99-like task; run at the very end of the boot process once we are sure the system has booted successfully.

Any examples anyone can point me to of anything similar before I re-invent something that might already exist?

If this had to run on every single boot, even non-upgrade boots, I could probably work with that by checking if the upgrade-in-progress bit is even set, but I figured I would ask if I could do a "run once after factory install" kind of thing first.

Thanks in advance

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