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Note : We need multiple persons for the same functions.

LEDE Wiki Teambuilding

Function                Description / Activity
========                ======================
Infrastructure  Take care of the webserver and the hardware it is running on
wiki admin              General configuration, spam countermeasures (i.e.
avoid spam), ACL, ...
wiki enabler    If you need a special function / plugin installed, let me
wiki maintenance        Keep wiki software + plugins updated
ToH maintainer  Take care of dataentries, usage of datatables, ToH
structures and rules for dataentry values
                        Add new dropdown values (Brands, targets, ...)
Gardener                Groom the wiki (syntax, grammar, spelling, ...)
                        Take care of tidyness, appearance, modularity
Editor          Create new pages, edit existing ones
...                     ...

Name                    Function
N.N.                    Infrastructure
Thomas Endt             wiki admin / enabler / maintenance
                        ToH maintainer, Gardener, Editor
N.N.                    wiki admin / enabler / maintenance
                        ToH maintainer
N.N.                    Editor, Gardener
N.N.                    Function I forgot

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