Matthias Schiffer <> wrote:
> Hi,
> {*} means that the package can't be disabled completely, but it can be set
> to M. This should give you the desired behaviour.

Right, ok. This is one of those things that's not in the Kconfig
legend. (Not in kernel upstream either, just magic knowledge) I
presume it comes from reusing modules as targets or something.

> Creating a new config and setting
> CONFIG_TARGET_PER_DEVICE_ROOTFS from the beginning also works
> and sets all used DEVICE_PACKAGES to M. As your workflow
> created a config with these packages set to * first, you ended
> up with these packages still being selected after switching to

Right, yes. After manually making some config stubs and applying
"make defconfig" I get the expected behaviour of device packages
only in the device. Pretty high surprise factor for the way
menuconfig works, but ok, that's what I'm adding the
documentation for :)

It would be _nice_ if the help in kconfig could say where it had
been pulled in from too, but I live with that. currently it just

"Selected by: MODULE_DEFAULT_avrdude [=y] &&

but not what "module" it was that pulled it in.
> The additional rootfs aren't ever copied to the bin directory,
> so finding only a single lede-ar71xx-generic-root.squashfs is
> expected.

The other things I can document, but this seems just wrong. If
you have a per device rootfs, what would even be _in_ the
"generic" one? Surely if you have chosen per device rootfs, you
expect to get per device rootfs?

In any case, this per device rootfs setting makes a complete mess
of scripts/ I get duplicate lines for each target,
and now _alllll_ of the base core packages that were untouched
are now marked as explicitly selected.
<< duplicated

Karl Palsson

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