The scripts/env script is intended to help with this. See

./scripts/env new my-target-a
make menuconfig/whatever
./scripts/env new my-target-b
make menuconfig/whatever
./scripts/env switch my-target-a
-- back to target a configs now

(There might be other, less well documented paths)

Karl P

David Woodhouse <> wrote:
> Is there a simple trick I'm missing, to build for multiple
> targets from the same build tree?
> I'm mostly just manually copying my .config file out of the way
> and swapping it for a different one each time — but there's got
> to be a better way, surely?
> mv .config .config.wndr3800
> mv .config.tdw8970 .config
> make -j32 oldconfig world
> -- 
> dwmw2
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