On 2017-06-19 08:52, yanosz wrote:
Hei folks,

I've some issues setting up a tagged vlan on a TP-Link 841n v9 router.
The vlan (tag 23) should spawn all ports (lan, wan) having a dedictated

For doing so in luci I add a new vlan, name it 23 and enable all
drop-down boxes (incl. cpu) as checked.

After applying, the system becomes unreachable (v4, v6) on any interface.

What's wrong here? How can I enable the vlan?

On my 841n (v10) the WAN port is not part of the switch and thus cannot be used as a trunk port. Perhaps this is true for v9 too.

You should however be able to configure one of the LAN ports to act as WAN and carry VLAN23. In this case the real WAN port is useless.

The TP-Link 1043nd (at least v1) has the ability to do what to want since the WAN port on that device is part of the switch.


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