Jo-Philipp Wich <> wrote:
> > - There is already a JSON parsing/generation Lua library of choice
> > in LEDE? (I suppose there is at least in Luci)
> Package "luci-lib-jsonc" - despite its name it is mostly
> standalone, only depending on liblua and libjson-c.
> API docs at

Given that it is completely standalone, would you mind if I spent
some time making a luarocks module for it? It would make it
easier to use this on host systems, so we can use "one" lua json
library everywhere. I've been using dkjson/lua-cjson in the past,
but with json-c (the library) already installed, and
luci-lib-json-c already installed, and with C apps also using
json-c, it would be nice to drop the extra dependencies, but
installing luci on development hosts is a pain.

Alternatively of course, simply splitting this completely out of
luci altogether, as it has nothing in common with it apart from
the namespace and the source repository. Simply adding a luarocks
file is probably less intrusive though :)

Karl Palsson

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