* Magnus Kroken <mkro...@gmail.com> [08.08.2017 18:23]:
> Refresh patches, delete patches backported from upstream.
> Signed-off-by: Magnus Kroken <mkro...@gmail.com>
> ---
> v2: Delete 120-remove_uclibc_rpc_check.patch as well,
> as suggested by Baptiste Jonglez. Also rework changes in
> Config-defaults.in, so lines that are simply reordered
> are not touched, to make the patch more readable.
> v3: Actually update configs as well.

please also remove 
(see LEDE commit dde9da46c1586c0bda54e7fa6de05f0fc76e557a)
this should be included already in the 1.27.1 release...

bye, bastian

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