On Freitag, 9. Februar 2018 09:05:02 CET Sven Eckelmann wrote:
> > In OpenWRT 15.01 we are building 7.3MB large images and have just
> > enought space for configs.
> > In LEDE 17.01 is max size ~6.5MB and we are not able to build our
> > images, because we cannot strip more packages, now we are on 6.8MB.
> Why do you think that you are now using only 6.8MB? The fw_max_len for 8Mlzma 
> devices is 8126464 bytes in mktplinkfw.c. So your final image would be 
> 8376020 
> bytes large and thus it is rejected by mktplinkfw.

Btw. the image sizes in mktplinkfw also include the reserved space of 
262144 bytes. See the option -X in Build/mktplinkfw [1]. My use of the term 
"final image" might therefore be a little bit misleading - it is just the size 
which mktplinkfw calculates including the reserved space. But this hasn't 
changed since Chaos Calmer [2].

And I just saw that Matthias Schiffer also integrated his ar71xx target in 
OpenWrt. So you might want to check his patch [3] to get a little bit inspired.

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