Hey guys,

as of U-Boot v2018.01, the bootloader requires at least a GCC 6 based toolchain
for ARM targets [1]. Building will fail with GCCs prior to 6. (I.e. current 
default 5.5.0)

For the Kirkwood target, I've prepared a patch to bring it to v2018.01, but 
that would result
in a failed build as stated above. (Of course, when manually selecting GCC6 as 
everything is fine)

How can this situation be resolved?
-) Stick to U-Boot 2017.11 until GCC 6.x is the default here?
-) Is a switch to GCC6 planned in the near future?
-) Undo the changes in [1] via a local patch and check, whether GCC5 is still 
fine for Kirkwood?

While the bootloader may not be that important in day to day business, 
eventually a 'regular'
package might have a requirement for a newer compiler too...

P. Wassi


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