On 2018-02-22 12:20, Koen Vandeputte wrote:
> When this target got updated to 4.14, this patch got removed to
> re-evaluate if it was still needed.
> Extensive testing now shows this issue is still present.
> Let's re-add the patch to fix it for now.
> As the uart bus is very low bandwidth .. performance impact is negligible.
> Boot log:
> [   22.513051] imx-uart 2020000.serial: DMA transaction error.
> [   22.522721] imx-uart 2020000.serial: DMA transaction error.
> As a sidenote:
> The patch mentiones an issue with RS485, but the bootlog
> errors above were recorded with the uart ports in standard RS232 mode.
> Compile/Run-tested on imx6/GW5200
> Signed-off-by: Koen Vandeputte <koen.vandepu...@ncentric.com>
Could you please also report this issue upstream and send a patch that
makes it possible to disable DMA via DT and/or kconfig?


- Felix

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