On 2018-04-11 00:51, Linus Walleij wrote:
On Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 12:38 PM, Roman Yeryomin <ro...@advem.lv> wrote:

I have tested them quickly yesterday on nas4220b board. Although I've
managed to boot it (had to fix rootfs image) ethernet and usb didn't work.
And I didn't check anything else.
I didn't yet look at the code but before I dive there I have a question: did you have a chance to test it yourself on any of the boards? And if yes,
which one?

Hm I tested mostly the rootfs and that the kernel would get to prompt.
But for my D-Link devices I tested mostly with kernel v4.16 because
I'm working close to mainline. Testing now it seems network is not
coming up here either :/ as it works like a charm on v4.16 it must
be some minor issue.

Looking at your tree...
I don't see any (affecting) differences in ethernet driver itself. Probably it's something else.. MDIO?

I would guess Hans Ulli Kroll can help with USB, I just applied the
patches and have nothing to test it with. I never used USB...

Hans, did you have a chance to test 4.14 (or 4.16) on any of gemini boards?

The v4.16 stack is pretty small and there the network for sure
works (not a finished patch set):

If it's hard to get v4.14 to backport we could maybe aim to
use v4.16 instead? Or is there some OpenWRT baselining involved?

Yeah, generic comes first and that's not 10min work :)


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