On 04/16/2018 11:22 AM, Koen Vandeputte wrote:
> Hi Hauke,
> Thank you very much for this patch!!
> I will try to give it a spin today on imx6 hardware and specifically by
> using the imagebuilder.

Yes that would be nice, please report back if it worked or if you saw
any problems.
It would also be nice if someone could test this with MacOSX as the libz
changes could cause some regressions there.

> Noticing the upstream git repo, there were a few important fixes
> (especially for ubifs).
> Would you be in favor of:
> - Skip these until considered stable
> - Backport them
> - Bump mtd-utils to git head iso this specific tag?

Version 2.0.2 was release 4 hours ago, so I would suggest to directly
upgrade to that version.

> Commits:
> ba145d80e239 ("misc-utils: flash_erase: Fix Jffs2 type flash erase
> problem")
> 044ed4c0dd78 "(mtd-utils: ubifs: fix typo in without_lzo definition")
> 80de29a464c7 "(mkfs.ubifs: Allow root entry in device table")
> 3b421ab6144c "(mkfs.ubifs: ignore EOPNOTSUPP when listing extended
> attributes")
> afba4fc3b7e9 "(mkfs.ubifs: Apply squash-uids to the root node")


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