I'm in favor of this.

1- The MC should be part of LedgerSMB, not something we promote only on a need 
2- It would get pulled in the distribution stream, contributing to marketing of 
our work. Having apt for the standard and GitHub for MC isn't appealing to 
3- We are very few, so removing burdens and freeing time to develop quicker 
should be the goal every time.


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> Le 16 oct. 2016 à 13:54, Erik Huelsmann <ehu...@gmail.com> a écrit :
> Hi,
> Two weeks ago, when he was in Europe, David sat down with me to discuss a 
> number of items. Some of those will come later. There was one major issue we 
> discussed though and I want to bring our proposal forward here.
> David put forward that having the MC (multi-currency) branch merged to master 
> gets a maintenance burden off my shoulders (which it indeed will). In 
> addition to that, merging to master early provides for a (hopefully) long 
> enough period to shake out any of the problems that it may cause.
> Additionally, his idea is that if this code is on master, it becomes our 
> collective problem to create a data migration strategy to MC, whereas 
> currently it's probably mostly my problem...
> While I'm not very much in favor of throwing up roadblocks for releases, even 
> if they're far in the future. However, I must admit that if there are others 
> in favor of moving MC to master so we have it for 1.6, getting rid of the 
> maintenance burden (however small) does seem attractive.
> Comments?
> PS: Before anybody merges this branch: I need to convert the schema changes I 
> did to the general approach as per sql/changes/  (which is pre-dated by the 
> MC branch).
> -- 
> Bye,
> Erik.
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