I would love to say that the meagre crowd of 8,448 were treated to a game of 
thrills and spills and were kept fully entertained for  a full 90mins, but this 
was far from the case - it was very poor indeed
You would not have guessed that  a number of leeds players were out there 
trying to impress to get a chance of a starting spot - Cooper, Coyle, Mowatt, 
Roofe, Antonsson, Phillips, Vieirra are all in the squad normally but not in 
the team , and , on this showing you could see why.
A roar went up just as I took my seat as a shot from Coyle went close but that 
was it from us until Roofe dragged one wide on 43 minutes. They were not much 
better, a dive from the centre forward, a shot that went wide and another that 
went into the side netting was all they could muster other than a long range 
shot that Silvestri saved with 'one for the cameras' - we all agreed he should 
have saved it but some did point out that Green had conceded two in two in 
similar circumstances. Once again though Silvestri was let down by his very 
wayward kicking - at least 2 straight into touch,
Second half was more of the same for 20mins as the game looked like being a 0 0 
stalemate and no-one in the crowd wanting an extra 30mins of this dross. Then 
Emmes came on for them and forced sivestri into a great double save - the first 
with his feet, followed by a poor punch and then a great tip round the post as 
the rebound was shot back at him.We retailiated by bringing on Hernandez and 
then Wood and we looked a totally different team - carving out a couple of 
chances.The goal, to suit such a game was a bit of a farce - Hernandez shot 
from distance - it was saved and come to Roofe who should have scored (he also 
missed a header)  but that was blocked and went to Wood whose first shot was 
stopped and the rebound was bundled in. With only 5 mins to go we were able to 
hold on.
Not much esle to say - I was impressed with O'Kane in the first 15mins but 
nothing after, Phillips is NOT a footballer, Vieirra IS but needs to learn his 
trade and even more obvious Mowatt is not a right winger and playing him there 
is the sort of decision that will get Monk sacked. Not sure if he was wide 
right as part of a 3 with Roofe and Antonsson or more as it appeared as part of 
a 5 with Phiilips, Vieirra and O'Kane in the middle
Grimes looked tidy in the 5 minutes he was on at the end. Antonsson cannot lead 
the line as a lone striker
We won and are through and that is all that counts - Wood and Hernandez making 
the difference in a game that will soon be forgotten
So well done the 8,448 who bothered, not sure it was worth it
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