Seen on twitter that the team / squad have arrived and to quote Phil 
HayBridcutt, Doukara and Antonsson all missing
No surprise re Antonsson and I am sure he will be on his way asap, Doukara has 
flattered to deceive at times and I do think there is a player in there BUT 
again I think we will get rid if we can.
As for Bridcutt , I thought he was fairly poor for a lot of last season.A  lot 
of this was him coming much too deep, but we assumed at the time that he was 
acting under instructions. He is one of those players who can look good and bad 
in the same game and I was surprised how many fans seemed to think getting him 
to sign full time after his loan deal was a big thing . I have always been a 
bit 'meh' about him. He is OK but no match winner and there is better out there 
(hopefully Anita and Klitch plus Viera O'Kane and Phillips will mean we do not 
miss him if he goes)
Hay also suggests, 'a stab' I think he said that the team was basically last 
season with Weidwald and Pennington the only new players starting today (had a 
forward midfield 3 of Dallas, Hernandez and Roofe in front of O'Kane and 

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