I have to keep saying "it was only a 4th Division team, it was only a 4th 
Division team" - and maybe not even their best 11, because if not I will need 
those nails to keep my feet on the floor.This was a good a performance second 
half as I have ever seen. It would be sacrilege to put it on a par with the 
Southampton 7 0 but it was this teams equivalent as we tore Port Vale apart and 
had them chasing shadows and trying to kick us off the park.
I cannot remember anyone playing in his debut impressing as much as Saiz did 
last night (it was only a 4th division team) as from start to finish he 
controlled the game, beating players, selling dummies, threading beautiful 
passes through and scoring a brilliant hat trick (it was only a 4th Division 
team).  Those of us who were there (a healthy 15,000) saw history in the making 
- either the start of something special or the brightest of false dawns.
 I was still in the pub when I got a text from my son telling me the line ups 
and that it was an 'odd team'- when I pointed out that apart from maybe Ayling 
at centre back - I did suggest this but as a replacement for Shaughnessey not 
Cooper- and Vieira playing it was the line up I had asked for on here, he 
replied "yeah but you are on drugs" - So it was a team that was a bit 
We started Ok with CBJ fitting in very well at left back, Klitch showing he 
will be decent for us, Sacko and Dallas running down the wings and Saiz pulling 
a few strings. So often in the past when we have played lower league teams we 
start Ok then after 15minutes they realise we are not very good and get dragged 
down to their level, not last night. On the quarter hour mark Dallas romped 
down the wing and put in a cross cum shot. It hit the bar and as the Port Vale 
players just stood there watching (I wondered if the whistle had gone for 
something) Saiz waited for the ball to come to him, he controlled with one 
touch and then hammered it home in off the post. Decent finsih but poor 
We then controlled the game and had a few long range shots,CBJ, dallas and 
Ekuban all chancing their arm. Then for almost the fisrt time in the match Vale 
got the ball in our half, took a long throw into the box, a bit of head tennis 
and then it fell to Tonguey who fired home. Normal business as we went in at 
half time level.
Second half we continured to control the game and were camped in their half, 
and the feeling was it was jsut a matter of time before we scored.  Alioski 
came on, this time on the right side here he belongs and from then on him and 
saiz gave us a master class (4th Division opposition) with help from Vieira 
Ekuban and the recently introduced Bridcutt (doing enough to convince TC ?) 

The second came when a lovely ball from Vieira found Saiz who controlled it 
took it round the keeper and hit home- equisite finish (4th Div opponents)  We 
continued to dominate and rip them apart culminating with Saiz hat trick as he 
was fed by Ekuban and he hammered it into the top corner. 2 in 2 minutes for 
our new hero and a debut hat trick - amazing (4th Division opposition)
We were not finished yet - this game had two more 'make me smile' moments - 
first the goal of the game, they had a corner one of our lot lot played it 
towards the wing where Alioski was waiting, he took it and took it and took it, 
running the length of the field chased and harried by two defenders, but 
defenders who could not really get near him. At the edge of their box he 
stopped, looked up and played the ball across towards the onrushing Leeds 
players, Saiz decided that 3 goals was enough for him and instead of shooting 
he opened his legs and let the ball go through to Ekuban who had also run the 
length of the pitch to keep up with play and he fired home - a good finish and 
one that can only help him settle in- a brilliant goal, superb from all three 
of the new boys, Alioski Saiz and Ekuban
It was all too much for Browneys boys and one of them was so fed up of us 
taking the piss that he just chopped Alioski down and literally saw red.
So a new hero (or two with Alioski) is born (yeah, 4th division..) and if I was 
Keemar Roofe or Hernandez I would be very worried - they need to raise their 
game or it is bye bye first team. I saw TC say that Saiz needs some time to 
build up for this League but soon, very soon, Saiz will be the number 10 and 
Alioski will be on the right wing, and together they will rip this league apart.
As for the alleged spitting, no-one in the ground saw anything or knew that 
something had supposedly occurred. There is a good video from Walmot 3 showing 
Brown on the bench from the 40th minute and there is nothing in his demeanour 
to suggest he was annoyed or upset by any 'spitting incident'  As someone put 
on twitter - he may or may not have spit on one of them but he certainly shit 
on 11 of them !
It will be interesting to see what team he picks on saturday for Preston game 
but I just hope that Saiz gets on the pitch at some time and we can find out if 
he is the real deal or last night was some drug induced dream

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