what a chuffing mess once again - just after the transfer window
   shuts...half your first team gets itself suspended (the other half
   injured)'re not even responsible for the hiring and firing of about trying to do a job with your hands tied...back to
   the merry go round...back to another "make do" interim manager...Peter
   Reid anyone...Dennis Wise...lets make Eddie Gray the caretaker
   manager...what a farce

     On 05 February 2018 at 10:10 {broken-address} John Lee wrote:
     Regardless of your view of Manure, Hughes is a crap manager, has
     chips on both shoulders, and is a bit of a ****! Why take on someone
     who a sizeable proportion of the fans would loathe even before he'd
     arrived! Every time there was a defeat he'd be crucified, every
     mistake it'd be 'Scum Out!' Why bother with the hassle - gut
     instinct tells you it's a really bad idea. Plus he's nowt of a
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