That is what you get on Twitter from the experts!!  The club is too tight to 
pay out on wages to get him while simultaneously he is shite and not worth it 
and then everyone blames Orta for getting a £40k a week near German 
international who turned out to be rubbish 

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> On 16 Apr 2018, at 13:41, Kevin Lewis (UK SBS) <> 
> wrote:
> Just  running a couple of threads together here.
> Interesting reading that Leeds are one of lowest Wages/Turnover ratios in the 
> league.
> After the collapse in 2002, that doesn't worry me too much.  Obviously like 
> I'd like to have seen Taylor, Bartley & Wood replaced on as much a 
> like-for-like basis as we could.
> The other side of the coin would have been to pay excessive wages to players 
> who just aren't worth it.
> Sky seem to think we won't be able to sign Lasogga because we won't meet his 
> wage demands. That is fine in my book, but I would hope the club management 
> would not be signing him because he is shite.
> KOT.
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